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Sonos SWOT Analysis

After using SONOS for the past 16 months here is how I would SWOT them.


Seamless Multi-room music experience
Integrates with pandora, apple music, amazon prime music, others
Mobile app is a good experience
Playback not dependent on mobile device staying in range


Expensive system to setup. Quickly adds up to thousands.
Playback reliability has decreased over the years "cannot connect to sonos" errors
Can't use 3rd apps to play music directly - must use sonos mobile app
Doesn't have Bluetooth speaker option for mobile outdoor use.


Apple TV integration with a sonos app
Sonos weatherproof outdoor speakers
small portable battery powered speaker
Sonos connect built straight into recievers like apple did with airplay


AI Voice Assistants from Google, Amazon, Apple with lower price speaker options
Apple TV and similar TV devices make it easy to play music in the living room wirelessly
Lower cost options from samsung, others are getting better
Wifi interference seems to be becoming bigger issue
Potential recession could significantly reduce number of people in market for sonos
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