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Run! Group SWOT

What is the current state of our running group?


Convenient location is just a 6 minute warm up run from house
Great group of guys
Diverse routes keep it interesting
Running with great people that is convenient and more/less regular.
Easy way to promote healthy living


You never quite know if people are planning to show up on Tues/Thurs
Few members
Inconsistent at times


We could promote locally, via school functions or even NextDoor.com
Encourage a few more guys to become regulars to maintain a critical mass at all times
There are probably other avid runners that would love to join - we see them on the roads in the hood.
We move our meeting spot back to Vta park to create a consistent and easy to find location that makes it easier for others to join


Group falling apart due to lack of members
A rainy pattern could throw off our rhythm
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