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One handed backhand

A deeper look at the strengths and weaknesses of leveraging a one handed backhand in the game if tennis.


Longer reach.
Less effort.
Less hard on your back.
Better for net players.
More range of motion.


Less powerful.
More set up required.
Difficult to return serves.
Less stable.
Difficult to master.


Come to net, hit drop shots, make it a whole court game.
Wear down your opponent with a finesse game.
Come to net. Use that slice, half volley, mobility, and extra racquet control.
Take advantage of your range of motion by wearing down your two handed opponent by keeping the ball out of the exact strike zone.


Unless your backhand is a threat, he's going to target it like crazy. Everyone does.
He's going to hit heavy spin to set himself up and then if you respond with a weak shot, he'll put it away.
He will come to net against your one handed backhand. You won't have time to pass.
He'll serve right to your one hander and you won't have time to hit a great return.
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