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Evaluating moving for your career

An analysis looking at whether moving to a new city is the right move for your career.


Your new city might have a lot of great companies in your industry. So you have many options.
Often the top people in your field will be in the top city. You'll learn from them and advance.
The salaries tend to be higher in the top locations.
In a top location you'll be able to create a good network over time which will enhance your career.


When you move you will be far away from your professional network, family, and friends. That's difficult.
Rent could be much higher.
Quality of life in big cities can be much lower.
People can be stressed out.
At the top locations it will be very difficult for you to be the best.


You can come back home reinvigorated professionally and financially.
You can find a great job before moving and get them to pay.
You can visit the location and network and find out if you'll like it before you move.


It's tough to get a job in a new place when you are starting out.
You'll need to learn the city, get an apartment, find new friends, get a job, all at the same time. It's not easy to do that an excel.
Your savings in your current location may not be compatible with the expenses in the new location.
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