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SWOT Analysis for Quora

Quora is a remarkable site for questions and answers on just about everything. There is a SWOT evaluating Quora overall.


There's a huge community, so there you can get access to a lot of expertise.
The quality of the posts and the attitude of people is good.
It's very entertaining to read.
They cover many many topics. Something for everyone.
The interface is beautiful and stable.


People can get addicted to it and spend too much time on it.
There are a bunch of topics that are very clickable but that don't have much information.
You can't read posts without being signed in which turns people away and makes people feel like they have no privacy.


They have so much knowledge that they can rival Wikipedia or Google.
They can provide the platform to private companies.
They can enable people to read without being signed in.


There are companies that have large communities to effectively compete such as StackExchange.
People can use any user generated content system to harrass other people.
Like with all User Generated Content, there's always the threat of incorrect information.
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