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Middle Eastern Style Restaurant

An analysis looking at all sides of whether opening a new middle eastern style restaurant will be on a path for success.


Hummus is widely loved and delicious.
Middle eastern food is inexpensive and vegetarian friendly.
The middle eastern palate is not too spicy more mild palates.
Many people are familiar and like middle eastern food.
It is vegetarian friendly


Falafels are deep friend and oily.
Middle Eastern food doesn't lend itself so well to high end restaurants.
There is a lot of competition and price pressure in most areas.
It might be too exotic and unknown for a lot of customers.
It's difficult to master the perfect Hummus or Pita.


You can blow people away with Fresh Hummus. Hummus in a supermarket is just not the same.
You can appeal to the health crowd.
Chipotle and others have managed to create huge businesses with Mexican food. Why not middle eastern?
You can provide a healthier low cost option to the hamburger & pizza crowd.


There are a lot of people who are opening these up in NYC so it can be a crowded space.
People may not give you a chance if you are too different.
These foods lose their flavor quickly and so you'll need to be careful to not lose your reputation with production issues.
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