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SWOT Analysis of SWOT Analysis

A real look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of using SWOT Analysis to discuss and make better strategic decisions


Simple, easy to understand categories make it ready for teams with much training to quickly adopt
Proven analysis format with over 50 years of successful track record
Taught at universities globally now leading to over 11M searches about SWOT Analysis annually
Balanced analysis of internal and external factors


The SWOT Analysis format doesn't propose solutions or drive towards a set of actions in its core format
People can struggle to come up with strong objectives to apply SWOT Analysis
This format doesn't go deep enough to look at Marco external factors - such as PEST Analysis
Perceived to be an annual offsite tool vs everyday method for helping people think better


Internet based offerings allow asynchronous collaboration allow remote groups to perform a SWOT Analysis without all being in the same room
SWOT Analysis can be applied universally to any strategic decision or plan. For example hiring decisions, people reviews, and weekly goals.


Many believe SWOT Analysis to be too simple, possibly out date
PEST Analysis and Gap Analysis have become popular alternative approaches
So many variations of SWOT Analysis - leverage the same 2x2 matrix diluting SWOT's uniqueness
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