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Internet Impact on Democracy

To consider the internet's role in various domains of life


Has given individuals a platform to manifest their freedom of speech
Fosters multilateral conversations on differing political systems
Secret government information can be leaked onto the internet
Can incentivize voters to participate in elections


The informal sector has grown through the internet marketplace
Equalizes opportunities for global trade
Promotes neo-liberal economic ideologies
It is a major proponent of globalization


Is a platform to discuss and debate all ideologies
Can spearhead social movements and easily connect the world to a cause
Equalizes the merit of opinions regardless of socioeconomic status
Democratization of knowledge to everyone connected


All information can be accessed by any individual because of internet technologies
Possible for governments to alter or censor all content
Constant resurgence in new platforms for discussion
Possible for entities to monitor internet activity, and expose private information
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