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Build a Remarkable Product Team

To have a fully staffed product organization by end of year

Current State

Our new product line must begin development in 3 months
We have 5 of 8 key positions filled
Our recruiting resource recently left the company
Our current employees are well engaged and have strong networks

Future State

We have a fully staffed team of 9 rockstars within 60 days
Our new hires are well integrated, trained, and have clear direction
The engineering team can rely on the product team for even bigger developments


We don't have a current training process for the new hires
We are short staffed on recruiting and this will impact speed of hiring
We are torn between going all in on new development with light team vs allocating precious time to interview

Actions to Close Gap

As a team we are all going to reach out to 10 external contacts by Friday to build candidate pipeline
Mike is going to take the lead on building out the training program for new PM's
We are going to make hiring the top priority because without a team we will get further behind
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