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Apple PEST Analysis

A look at the political, economic, social, and technological factors that will impact Apple in the years ahead


Trump tax plan will allow Apple to move $300+B in cash held oversees back to US
Net neutrality changes could have impact on streaming based product economics
Increase chatter about anti-trust issues could become a distraction


Low unemployment rates in USA increase total addressable market for Premium apple products
Improved global economic environment will drive stronger global demand of apple products


IPhone addiction from both kids and adults could lead to new device designs to help overcome addiction
People turn to experiences over material things
Millennials prefer to rent vs buy items and choose monthly subscriptions for hardware over one time purchases


BlackBerry, Palm, Nokia, and Motorola all proved that popular hardware can lose appeal and market share quickly
Conversational voice assistants from Amazon and google are leaving apple behind
Spotify, amazon books, Netflix, and others are gaining leadership positions for cross platform apps.
AI opens up incredible new opportunities for Apple to leverage the vast mounts of data they they collect from all the sensors on phones, watches, and through their software.
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