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Bitcoin as an Investment

The Bitcoin buzz has been massive. Here is one persons perspective on whether this would be a good investment for themselves.


Large governments and institutions are using them to avoid sanctions.
It is perceived as being anonymous although in practice it's difficult to remain anonymous as a user.
People trust in the bitcoin technology more than they trust their bank and country's fiscal policies.
Govt and banks are corrupt and can easily lock you out of your money but it's harder for them to take your bitcoins!
It went up a huge amount in the past.


The network can only handle a limited number of transactions.
Bitcoin is an environmental catastrophe because of the electricity and computers wasted on it.
The FBI at one point was one of the largest holders of bitcoins because they took so many criminal's bitcoins. The "rubber-hose" attack works quite well against bitcoin security.
Coins are initially distributed to early adopters causing uncertainty around valuation.
It has no inherent value.


Mainstream currencies can crash resulting in people running to bitcoin as something not tied to the economic sanity of their country.
Instability in the world will make people seek out bitcoins as a way of hiding and protecting their wealth.
It can keep on going up because of a bubble.
The community can lower the price of transferring a bitcoin by fixing the technology and forking the chain.
The community can fix the environmental issue associated with the huge amounts of energy by bitcoin miners by switching technologies and forking the chain.


Quantum computers or some new algorithm will suddenly surface and Bitcoin will be cracked.
Governments are beginning to make bitcoin transactions illegal.
Governments may heavily tax bitcoin transactions.
Large holders can sell at any point.
International laws around sanctions and laundering, at any point can threaten the economy.
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