Make the Best Decisions and Achieve Remarkable Outcomes with the SWOTanalysis Platform


Make the Best Decisions and Achieve Remarkable Outcomes with the SWOTanalysis Platform

Strategic Planning Made Easy

Include your whole team in the strategic process from analysis > planning > execution

Brainstorm Together

SWOTanalysis 4D Thinking expands your teams brainstorming beyond one dimensional approaches and introduces voting to bring the best thoughts to the top.

See Strategy in Action

Team-powered platform showcases strategic activity from all team members in a central feed. See every new thought, idea, and solution in one place.
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Find Your Strategy

Look back at past analysis, plans, and execution. A strategic archive to help everyone easily find and access past projects.

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In addition to SWOT Analysis, you can also create a PEST Analysis, Alignment Analysis, GAP Analysis, Stop, Start, Continue Analysis, and many more.
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SWOT AnalysisPEST AnalysisGAP AnalysisPro & Con AnalysisSTOP / START AnalysisAlignment AnalysisWHY AnalysisProblem AnalysisV2MOM AnalysisOKR Planning

Beautiful Templates

Beautiful online templates help your team stay engaged. Invite your team to collaborate and expand your strategic thinking. Switch between classic and modern templates. Leverage fullscreen mode for in-person collaborative SWOT Analysis team sessions.

"What is SWOT Analysis" Guide

The SWOT Analysis was initially developed over 50 years ago by a group of researchers from Stanford University who in 1960 set out to better understand why strategic planning processes were failing for so many companies.  Their learnings have helped companies think, plan, and work better by leveraging this simple yet highly effective strategic process. 


Use The SWOT Analysis to evaluate your internal Strengths and Weaknesses and external Opportunities and Threats. 


Strengths are based on internal factors and viewed as helpful to your organization.


Weaknesses are based on internal factors and viewed as harmful to the organization.


Opportunities are based on external factors and viewed as helpful to your organization.


Threats are based on external factors and viewed as harmful to your organization.


Create your SWOT Analysis online 
Set a clear objective for your SWOT Analysis.
Ex: To review the current state of our business
Share with your team, customer, vendors to help expand the brainstorm and to create diversified input. Make sure to add at least 16 items for best results.
After reviewing and discussing your SWOT Analysis add a conclusion to summarize your insights. This will make it easy digest in the future when you refer back to it.
Create an SWOT Plan to set a clear plan for leveraging your SWOT Analysis insights and assign specific objectives, goals, and key results to your team.


Make the Best Decisions — 4D Thinking

Traditionally people use a single one dimensional approach to decision making. Should I take this job? Should I buy this car? etc. By leveraging 4D thinking people can see 360 degrees and make the best decisions...  
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EXAMPLES | See all

Use PEST Analysis tactic which focuses on Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors. 
Use GAP Analysis to understand your current state and where you would like to be? Highlight GAPS and develop actions to move forward.
Use Stop, Start, Continue Analysis,  also known as Stop, Keep Doing, Start Analysis - uses collected feedback  to map progress.
Use Pros and Cons Analysis by introducing stakeholders and risks. See how with SWOT analysis templates and tutorials.
Use Problem Analysis to solve problems by focusing on the problem, cause, effects, and ultimately proposed solutions.
Use Candidate Analysis to compare candidate abilities and qualifications in a structured and well-rounded manner.

Make the best decisions and achieve remarkable outcomes


Virtual brainstorming enhances creative performance – versus in-person brainstorming sessions – by almost 50% of a standard deviation as published by the Harvard Business Review


Overcome one-dimensional thinking and remove blindspots by embracing 4D thinking with industry standard 2x2 strategic collaborative templates


Let your team input every idea, thought, solution, and then let them vote the best items to the top using the SWOTanalysis star and feature system


Easily refer back to your decisions process for making the best strategic decisions, hiring decisions, product decision, process decisions, and customer decisions
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